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  • Organizational Culture Survey Organizational Culture Survey Statistical analysis of the level of satisfaction and expectations of employees, identifying improvements for the organizational system.
  • 360 Degrees Evaluation 360 Degrees Evaluation Methodology that measures performance skills of a collaborator with the comprehensive analysis of his work relationships.
  • CAP - Training CAP - Training Comprehensive training programs based on the needs of the company that will generate an economic impact on the achievement of the objectives referred in its strategical planning.
  • Outdoor Training Outdoor Training High Impact Program that generates experiential learning, identifying strengths and opportunity areas of the participants.
  • Hunter Business Hunter Business We contribute comprehensively to different companies to settle down in Mexico, with services tailored to their needs.
  • Sheltering / SORH* Sheltering / SORH* Expert consulting services on managing the starting of your company in Mexico. From land acquisition to managing human talent aligned with their business strategy. * Service of Human Resources by Outsourcing.

  • Hunter Business Hunter Business It is a consulting service that allow us to identify profitability and future projection of investment in new businesses. We deliver to our customers a solution for the needs of implementation and, at the time of installation in the Mexican nation, it can be through a single consulting firm since we cover all necessary areas for you to run your project.
  • Head Hunter Head Hunter Whether implementing a project or developing your organization, we select the best specialized high-level or mid-level executives you need.
  • Human Talent Selection Human Talent Selection Módulo de servicios relativos a Recursos Humanos. Incluye diferentes evaluaciones psicométricas especializadas, así como estudios socioeconómicos.
  • Outsourcing Outsourcing Specialized services module in which we have an strategic alliance with one of the best firms in the mexican market.
  • Organizational Developmet Organizational Developmet A diversity of services: detection of specific needs, training, awareness and building solid workteams with true union to face the challenges that your company has in the market.

Services: Human Talent Selection

The Human Talent Selection is the crucial area of every company. It is very important to meet the goals and find trustworthy employees, skilled and motivated. That is why our client prefers this specialized service to be provided by us.

It consists of specific areas, each one with tools focus to reach better results:

  • Psicometric Evaluation
  • Studies of Labour and Family Context
  • Assessment Center
  • Trust test
  • Medical Evaluation

Find the taent that you need for your company and simplify your tasks in Human Resources.

We invite you to know more about our services and if you have any question, please feel free to contact us.


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