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  Privacy Policy and Information Protection  

When through our contact form, e-mail to any of our corporate accounts, data calls, video calls, fax or any other means through which, you and/or any legal representative duly accredited, provide information of any kind existent in the present or the furture, you consent to a relationship with Integradora de Servicios y Logística del Bajío S.C, hereinafter Mentor Talent Consulters, in his quality as holder of information. Here are the points of agreement on privacy and information processing:

  1. It is meant by information any set of data of material, functional, semantic or pragmatic type in any means of support and/or communication.
  2. All information you provide is strictly confidential and will be treated according to the information protection regulations in force in the Estados Unidos Mexicanos.
  3. Your information may be transferred and treated inside and outside the country, exclusively with customers and/or suppliers for Mentor Talent Consulters. In that sense, your information may be shared with companies duly incorporated into the legal framework of our country, in order to share accurate and timely information to deliver any of our products or performing any of the services provided to you.
  4. You have the right to access the information provided by you and/or any legal representative duly accredited, as well as the details of treatment of such information. You have the right to rectify them, in case of being inaccurate or instruct us cancel when it considers they prove to be excessive or unnecessary for the purposes that justify its obtaining, or oppose the processing thereof for specific purposes.
  5. If you not express your opposition so that your information is transferred or shared, it is understood that you give your consent to do so.
  6. You may revoke the consent for processing your personal data having a maximum of thirty natural days to comply with your request and we will inform you on the procedures through email. For that, it is necessary to present a written petition, delivered at our office.
  7. About matters or facts not treated here, related to information or data of any kind, it is understood that is subject to agreement between the parties when there is a dispute, complaint or legal procedure within the legal framework of the Estados Unidos Mexicanos.

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