Mentor Talent Consulters
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  • Hunter Business Hunter Business We contribute comprehensively to different companies installing in Mexico, with services that fulfill their needs.
  • Head Hunter Head Hunter We recruit high level executives and director positions for your organization.
  • Human Talent Selection Human Talent Selection We select the best personnel to fill vacancies in your company.
  • Organizational Development Organizational Development We provide you with tools to develop and strengthen your organization
  • Outsourcing Outsourcing From Payroll to Consulting in various fields, we provide you with the correct solution.

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Strategic Solutions for your company

Mentor Talent Consulters is an enterprise dedicated to the area of Human Resources. We have consultants with the required experience and creativity in every field, fact that has given us the capacity for adaptation and flexibility to adjust to the needs of our clients and the present market conditions.

We have established alliances with the aim of integrating a group of Business Partners who have the goal of consolidating comprehensive consulting services in human resources. Each of our companies collaborate in developing and offering services with expertise in their fields, giving thus the security that the relationship that you acquire is as Strategic Partner, and seeking not to be another supplier. This allow us to fulfill our mission building synergy with you, as well as the achievement of the goals and objectives stablished in the strategic planning of your company.

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